[GAMES] Anthony Jose – A small chat with a big gamer

I and one of my favorite youtubers, Anthony Jose, just had a small chat with each other about gaming. How lovely for a  popular gamer to spend time sharing his experience with a newbie girl <3


  • jose, do you play asphalt 8 on your phone or ipad

  • Phone man :)

  • Would you mind sharing your progress? How long will it take to be like you?

  • I have been playing for 1 year and some mo.ths

     Although these last months I didnt play that much
     Just enjoy racing, watch videos, try to control the device with your hands
     And practise.. Farm races
     With a car that suits you
     The car thay suited me was the Sesto Elemento
     Learned me how to drive
  • That sounds unexpectedly simple :D with a girl like me, to control a maxed pro-ed Sesto Elemento is a bit difficult.

     Things go bad with higher rank cars
     i mean, i’m not clever enough. should I try mastering low rank cars first or should i try a fast car to practise?
  • Yes, low ranks first..

    DeZir/Survolt DS

    Nothing is impossible :)

    Everything is possible, it just needs expetience (???)

     You can get there :)
  • I spend most of my leisure time playing the game but still can’t get enough.

  • Ah oke

    Well just enjoy the game

  • how long a day do you spend for it ? I can’t believe that you can play that good but still have time to do stuff LOL

  • Haha

     I never play anymore
     Barely play
     And when I used to play
     Just some hours
     Maybe I have gaming talent, idk haha
  • don’t be cocky you hurt my feelings :'(

  • Haha no..

     I am for real
     I never played to much
     I have been addicted to a game once
     I was very good at it
     So I wont be addicted fast again
     Although I like gaming
  • do you plan to make money on it or are you making money on gaming?

     i really admire somebody who spend lil time but still can play well.
     i can never be like that
  • I try to make some money with YouTube..

    You have to train your hands haha, the game I was addicted to trained my hands very well
  • This was the game I was very good at & my fingers were going faster than the guy here

  • what the hell. my hands never cooperate :'(

  • Hahaha

  • kind of confusing moves

  • Yes

     It was crazy
     My mother would always get mad at me for all the keyboard sounds
  • how crazy are you anyway, to be able to handle such a thing =)))


  • Haha idk

     Just practise
     Lots of people were good at it
     Eventually you’ll learn
     Especially at younger age
  • ayeah, how old are you? you sounded like you are old :v

  • 21 years old

  • hey i’m 20

     and you know what, mom and dad still don’t let me play as i like, as if i was a kid :v
     lots of ppl are good at gaming and even make money on it. i would love to be like that, too. mom and dad never think about gaming as such a good thing.
  • Ah yes, I understand

     That is most pro gamers their story
     That their parents didnt allow them, until they made lots of money
     They just see you enjoy it and worry that you would chose it over school
     For a lot of people that is the case, but it is also spending free time
  • and what if i chose it over schooling but i could make a lot of money ~

     would mom and dad be satisfied?
  • Yes, but you would have to prove it though

     And not all games are profitable
     Only bigger games that have tournaments etc.
     Call of duty, CS:GO
     Other kinds of games
  • yeah i see

     you sure play a lot of games =))
     do gamers like you have girlfriends? and if you have, does she feel annoyed having a gamer boyfriend?
  • Haha no, I do not game that much

     And yes sometimes she is nagging, in the past, about A8
     But she does her things too
     So eventually it is not a problem
  • i’ve never seen it this way. wow.

     i was afraid that a girl playing games like guys is not good for ordinary guys.
     thanks, Jose
     and congratulate on your reaching 8000 subscribers ;)
     i’ve been watching you :D
  • No problem haha

    Thanks :) !



Here are some of his brilliant videos:





April 7, 2016

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